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Acne Treatments

As the hormone changes in our body near puberty, the dormant oil glands stimulate and begin to over-secrete. The gland starts to expand with dead cells and sebum within it and the dirt and pollution clogs it even more. Hence, this first creates a black head that later becomes an acne. But this does not necessarily suggest acne to be a teenage predicament, as 20-40% of adults are also found to be a victim of acne.

After extensive research on the best acne removal products that the market has on offer, we have listed below the top acne treatment products that are proven to work:

Exposed Skin Care #1 Exposed Acne Treatment – For Highly-Sensitive Skin Types

(Highest Rating)

Formulated with the collaboration of organic chemistry experts as well as dermatology specialists, Exposed Acne Treatment is a product of the famed Exposed Skin Care range. Existing acne cysts soon diminish to reveal impeccable skin, when you use Exposed. A mild treatment option, this hypoallergenic product is perfect for highly sensitive skin types. The vast, highly-satisfied customer base as well as immensely helpful customer support won Exposed Acne Treatment the honor of top rating from us. << Read More

  • Rejuvenates skin and unclogs pores
  • Eliminates redness and cures acne
  • One year guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping

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Zenmed #2 Zenmed Acne Treatment – For Complete Cleansing

A product of Raging Creations Ltd., Zenmed Derma Cleanse System is a breakthrough in the world of acne products and treats the problem of acne inside out. The advanced 3-step program of Zenmed is formulated to root out the acne infection from its very source. This cleansing formula thereby regulates the hormonal imbalances and promotes purification from inside. Probably, this is the reason why Zenmed Derma Cleanse is hailed as an ultimate acne treatment product worldwide. <<Read More 

  • Doctor formulated product
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Free priority shipping
  • Worldwide shipping

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Dermajuv #3 Dermajuv Acne Treatment – For intense cystic acne and breakouts

With great scientific proofs backing the exclusive Dermajuv System, it is indeed one of the best acne treatments available nowadays. Based on a scientific research conducted at the Oxford University, Dermajuv’s acne treatment system works well to give you a clear skin without causing any dryness that many other products often cause. The use of natural ingredient Resveratrol as the active ingredient, instead of the traditionally used Benzoyl Peroxide is a great plus that adds to the credibility of Derajuv.  <<Read More

  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Worldwide shipping

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A Brief on Acne Treatments

Reduced sebum production, elimination of dead cells and purging bacteria out are the main concerns of oral medications and topical drugs that aim to treat acne. What type of acne treatment is suitable for you varies according to how severe your acne is.

You may also try several alternative self-care tips to cure acne. Like, it always helps to keep your skin dirt and oil free. Intake of a balanced diet is another thing you may try. Any diet high in raw foods, zinc and fiber is a healthy diet. Also, try to avoid alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, sugar, tobacco and foods that have high iodine content (like, salt).

Select a Perfect Acne Treatment for Yourself
There are innumerable acne treatments available online. But how would you know which is the best of them all for your specific skin type?

Product Base Skin Type Moisturizing Irritation Coverage Remarks
Gels Normal, Oily Less Medium Small Some gels comprise in dimethicone and glycerin that improves their moisturizing effect.
Ointment Normal, Dry Medium Less Small A little greasy.
Creams Normal, Oily Medium Medium Middle Absorbs into the skin very quickly. Not very greasy.
Foams Normal, Oily Low Medium Large Steep prices.
Alcohol Solution Oily Less High Large Evaporates very fast.
Aqeuous Solution Normal, Dry High Very Less Large Alochol-free and water based.
Lotions Any High Medium Large Lotions containing propylene glycol can dry your skin.

What’s Your Experience?

Share your acne product story and experiences with us and help provide as much accurate information on this site as possible. We appreciate your contribution and value your experience. Let other people gain from your experience and assist us in not letting people get ripped off by scam products that prevail online.

Please submit your honest acne product review at reviews@acneatoz.org

Please note that the content made available on this site is only for information purposes only and is in no way a replacement to the advice from a medical practitioner.


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